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Northridge Know-How

The foremost challenge was completing the dual West Campus/Transportation Building Project in time for the U.S. Open. To accommodate the tight schedule, W.J. Northridge worked closely with the architect’s design team to problem-solve and implement solutions immediately.

Project Overview

W.J. Northridge was selected as Construction Manager for three different projects as part of the USTA’s multiple-phase, multi-year endeavor to replace and renovate various facilities and infrastructures.

West Campus/Transportation Building Project:
W.J. Northridge’s involvement was two-fold: 1) The addition of tiered seating and an elevator on the West Campus tennis courts; 2 ) The re-creation of the Transportation Building in a new location as part of the all-new visitorplayer parking and arrival accommodations.

HVAC (for) Suites Renovation Project:
W.J. Northridge oversaw the installation of HVAC into the 80-plus luxury suites that ring Arthur Ashe Stadium. The project also included the removal and replacement of all ceiling tile and grid in each suite.

Hot Water Boiler Plant Renovation and Alteration Program:
This project was undertaken to increase the capacity and efficiency of the boiler plant in light of other USTA National Tennis Center renovations.    

Project Stats

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