Integrity is Our Cornerstone

A Foundation of “Trust, Leadership and Integrity”

When W.J. Northridge Construction Corp. was founded by Albert O. Sutherland in 1984, he named the company for his grandfather, William James Northridge. Mr. Northridge was an accomplished builder who was most proud of his work as a painting contractor for the Brooklyn Bridge. Today, the third -- and now fourth -- generation of this family-owned company remains committed to the values he established more than 125 years ago: “Trust, Leadership and Integrity.” 

Every Project is Underscored by Northridge Know-How

W.J. Northridge continues this tradition by successfully delivering quality services -- on time and within budget -- for both private and public sector projects throughout the New York metropolitan area. These services are underscored by Northridge Know-How, a higher level of solution-oriented expertise accomplished by our proactive attention to detail, flexible problem-solving, and a steadfast commitment to reducing a client’s risks. As a result, our clients are provided with a consistently high level of support through each and every phase of a capital project, no matter what our role. In tandem with this client-centric approach, we never waver from the belief that buildings should be well-built, operate efficiently, and support and enhance the occupants and programs they are designed to serve.


A Commitment to Safety

With every project, W.J. Northridge Contruction Corp. management and staff members are committed to ensuring the health and safety of a client’s staff and guests, as well as its own field personnel and subcontractors, during the course of a given project. This is enforced through the implementation of a Formal Safety Procedure, as well as an adherence to all applicable OSHA and related regulations. W.J. Northridge management and staff also ensure the proper handling of any commissioning requirements. In addition, all staff are required to complete the 10-Hour OSHA Safety Certification process, and many have also completed the 30-Hour OSHA Safety Certification, as well as the Asbestos Abatement Certification and Certification in Scaffolding programs.
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