Assembly of God Church

Northridge Know-How

W.J. Northridge’s approach to maintaining communication with the church’s trustees and congregation was two-fold: As the project got underway, a presentation was made to the congregation as to what was to be expected, and during construction, a bi-monthly newsletter with updates was issued. The field crew also had to work out logistics with the church’s own contractors, including for the building-wide sound system. In addition, the installation of an ANSUL® fire prevention system in the kitchen required that W.J. Northridge consult with the fire marshal on a number of occasions. W.J. Northridge also had to work with the NYS DOT because of the project’s proximity to a state road and stoplight. What’s more, W.J. Northridge was able to make a strategic buy-out of a pre-engineered building, a value engineering option that saved time and money. 

Project Overview

The ground-up construction of the pre-engineered church hall building featured a new 1200 sq. ft. kitchen, 7000 sq. ft. gymnasium, and 2800 sq. ft. classroom/meeting space.

Project Stats

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